R&D areas

Research and development areas of competence at Santara Valley

Inovative medicine research and biopharmaceutical development​

Inovative medicine research and biopharmaceutical development​

Core competences in this field are concentrated at Institute of inovative medical research (IMC), which has an extensive track record in biomedical research in following areas:

  • Regeneration medicine
  • Immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Innovative healthcare services development
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IMC is a result of merger of two R&D institutios - Institute of Imunology and Institute of experimenal and clincal medicine. IMC received 15 MEUR capital investment to create modern research infrastructure with over 8,000 sq. m. facilities and include open access laboratories in key research fields.

IMC's open acess facilities enable new fields of cooperation with industry :

  • Stem cells research
  • Immunotechnology and Biomarker research
  • Biopharmaceutical research and drug development
  • Biomedical information systems development
  • Biomodels development and preclinical research
  • Digital and molecular pathology
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Bioinformatics research and heathcare IT development​

Bioinformatics research and heathcare IT development​

A high concentration of activities in IT, biotechnology, health and natural sciences at Santara Valley led to establishment of Health Informatics and Bioinformatics research platform (SVIBI) to facilitate cross-discipline reseach in fields of health informatics and bioinformatics on both fundametal and industrial level.

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Key focus areas of research:

  • Molecular Structural Bioinformatics and protein structure research
  • Bioinformatic reseach on genome and epigenome Big Data
  • Biomedical image analysis and Digital Pathology
  • Healthcare IT Systems development
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ICT research and industrial development

ICT research and industrial development

Information technology development at Santara Valley is coordinated by
Visoriai Information Technology Park (VITP), a public institution acting both as high-tech technology cluster and Science and Technology park (STP).

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In partnership with Vilnius University Faculties and State research Institute of Mathematics and Informatics R&D and technology transfer activities are focused following areas:

• Industrial and business software development and academic in mathematical statistics, finance and actuarial mathematics
• Recognition processes, data analysis and multi-modal optimization of multimedia technologies and interactive systems
• Tagging and contextual search of scientific information provided for publishing
• Development of new medical devices (wireless communication protocols, databases, remote monitoring system, closed loop control systems)

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