About us

Santara Valley Association

Government resolution (No. 1263) recommended to establish of the initiators of the Santaros Valley Association in 2008.

The Association was established in 2010. Main purpose is to coordinate the development of the valley, and to ensure an open and equitable education, research and business development of the integrated system.

Members of association " Santaros Valley”:

2 universities,
4 research institutes
2 hospitals,
1 Science and Technology Park, Information technology, Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
3 branch associations

Santara Valley Association goals are:

1. Develop the knowledge-based society, science and studies and scientific cooperation between business
2. Develop an open and equitable valleys science, studies and business in an integrated system
3. Promote R & D activities priority Valley development areas:
-Innovative Medical Technology
-Molecular medicine and biopharmaceuticals


"Santara" valley program

Place of valley  The Santariškės – Visoriai district, Santariskiu street, Vilnius
Initiators Vilnius University
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Innovative Medicine Centre
Nature Research Centre
Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Clinics
Visoriai Information Technology Park
Partners UAB “Fermentas”
UAB “Sicor Biotech”
UAB “Teltonika”
Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Companies
MTEP directions Biotechnology;
Innovative Medical Technologies, Molecular Medicine and Biopharmacy;
Ecosystems and Sustainable Development;
Informatics and Communication Technologies.
 Objective To establish the valley aimed at the development of the sectors of biotechnology, molecular medicine and biopharmacy, innovative medical technologies, ecosystems and sustainable development, informatics and communication technologies in Lithuania, to enable starting up of business and development of fundamental and applied science competitive on the international market, also to train highly qualified specialists in the mentioned R&D areas.
 Funds  95,914 m. €
Projects, funding  Project  Funding, m. €  Funding institution
Establishment of Joint Centre for Life Sciences 36,33  Ministry of Education and Science 
Establishment of Joint Innovative Medicine Centre 14,855  Ministry of Education and Science 
Establishment of Nature Research Centre 4,35  Ministry of Education and Science 
Creation of IT Open Access Centre 1,56  Ministry of Education and Science 
Equipment of engineering networks and communications in the ICT and BIO technology parks and in the territory of the green field investments by companies; building and fiting out of an ICT business incubator and technology centre 7,7594 Ministry of Economy
Building and equipment of sections 1 and 2 of of the BIO technology park business incubator 3,74 Ministry of Economy
Design and construction of the Open Access Visualization and Nuclear Medicine Research Centre and acquisition of equipment 4,028 Ministry of Health
Reconstruction of the building of the Experimental Aquarium Facilities of the Nature Research Centre 1,44  Ministry of Environment