Bio-business incubator2014 April 17

•The aim of Bio-business incubator is the development of new companies:
–focused on biotechnology and biomedicine research
–interested in use of common laboratory infrastructure
–able to benefit form proximity to large research centres and hospitals
•Project is funded by Ministry of Economy measures and implemented jointly by:
–Innovative medicine centre
–Santariskes Hospitals
–Association of innovative medicine and biopharmacy (IMTBA)
•2.8 MEUR investment will create more than 3000 sq. m. of bio-incubator space
•The project is split between Santariskes Hospitals campus and Visoriai business park to capture opportunities both in biotechnology and biomedicine areas

Business Incubator (Section 2)

National Research Institute Center of Innovative Medicine together with the Association of Innovative Medical Technologies and Biopharmaceuticals are implementing joint project - Biotechnology Park Business Incubator to supporting R&D activities covering all phases of clinical trials. Project goal is to develop necessary infrastructure for knowledge, innovation and technology diffusion in biomedical and biopharmaceutical sectors.

Main investment is planned in the infrastructure which includes Business Incubator building (~1,500 sq. m.) and supporting equipment. The Incubator is designed to encourage rise of new companies and to assist start-ups and up and coming companies operating in high-tech sector, namely biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, biomedical, clinical trials, genetics, and molecular biology. These companies will have access to laboratory equipment and supporting facilities for research and development activities to develop high-tech products and services and move them towards commercialization. The Incubator will also provide administrative support including accounting, marketing, procurement and logistic services.