Joint Nature Research Centre2014 April 17

Project description

In accordance with the Executive Order No V-59 “On allocation of funds according to the measure VP2-1.1-ŠMM-04-V ‘Strengthening of the general infrastructure of research and studies’ of priority 1 ‘R&D intended for the growth of business competitiveness and economy’ of the Program of Economic Growth for 2007-2013” of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania dated 14 Jan 2010, the EU funds and certain budgetary allocations of the Republic of Lithuania are appropriated for the project to be run by the Nature Research Centre to establish the Joint Nature Research Centre (JNRC). The new centre will focus on nature R&D. The project is one of the measures (projects) to implement the development program of the Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valey) “Santara”. The necessity of the project was conditioned by old-dated R&D infrastructure inadequate for the state-of-the-art research challenges, a need for up-to-date scientific works, concentration of scientific potential and top-level research related to ecosystems and sustainable development. The target groups of the project are scientists, researchers, students attaining master and doctoral degrees, as well as businessmen and public institutions carrying on R&D activities. The project is intended to be implemented until 30 September 2014. In the course of the project, a set of research laboratories will be built on the existing foundations in the premises of the Nature Research Centre of Vilnius University at Akademijos St 2, Vilnius, three open access centres will be created:

  1. Centre of Ecotoxicology;
  2. Centre of Biotaxonomy, Ecology and Molecular Research;
  3. Centre of Georeserach, and new research laboratory equipment (3 sets) to service the centres will be acquired.

The partner of the project is Vilnius University.

The Nature Research Centre and the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Vilnius University will form the general natural sciences and studies system and the infrastructure of JNRC. The fixed assets created and acquired in the course of the project will belong to the Nature Research Centre and the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Vilnius University. Expenses for infrastructure and required reinvestments will be covered by the Nature Research Centre and the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Vilnius University, from income the size whereof is calculated taking into account better possibilities of institutions to perform greater amounts of contract works.