Visoriai Information Technology Park (VITP) – upcoming knowledge economy centre in the field of information and communication technologies. The main goal of VITP – develop favourable infrastructure for the establishment of new businesses and growth of existing ones. VITP seeks to provide comfortable environment for commercialization of R&D activities and integration of business, science and studies.

Activities related to information technologies took place in Visoriai since 1986 when Institute of Mathematics and Informatics moved to this location. Since 1988 IT companies established mainly by former institute staff were established. Businesses in collaboration with the Institute and Universities located in Vilnius carried out joint projects related to modern methods and software for scientific information review and storage, development and introduction integrated systems, etc. More than 200 new jobs were created in Visoriai since 2000 providing Lithuanian market with new products and developing export capacities.

Visoriai is prospective location for new knowledge economy centre for few more seasons: Institutes of Biotechnology and Ecology are also based in the same district; next to Visoriai is located the largest  centre of medical institutions and hospitals Santariškės, laser and biotechnology companies are operating in neighborhood.

VITP is determined to contribute to the development of Vilnius as a coherent knowledge based economy cluster.